Instrument Repair

One of the most common questions we get asked is, “Do you work on ____?”  The simple answer: Yes!

We do work on a multitude of instruments including:

*Violins, Acoustic, Electric, and Bass Guitars

*Keyboards and Amps

*Wind instruments such as: Trumpets, Trombones, French Horns, Euphoniums, Baritones, Tubas, Clarinets, & Flutes

Our repair facility is located on site, and in view of the customer.  We have 2 onsite, certified, repair technicians.  While we are not able to fix everything that may arise, we are equipped to handle most minor to serious repairs on the items listed above. 

If you’re unsure if we can fix it, bring it in.  Ask for David or Josh.  They will give you a FREE estimate on cost, time, etc.  If they’re unable to fix it, they will point you in the direction of someone who can.



Ellis- 6/24/2013

24 June 2013, 17:51
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