Made in The U.S.A.

It's a phrase you don't see printed on many products anymore: "Made in The U.S.A."  While, true, most manufacturers have outsourced the making of their products to other counties, there are still a few companies that hold the phrase very dear.

The main company we deal with, that still manufactures in America, is Conn-Selmer, Inc.  They are one of the top school band instrument manufacturers in the world.  They produce the Bach, King, Conn, Selmer, Artley, and Emerson lines, just to name a few.  While they do still have product made overseas, the bulk of what they manufacture, is made here in America.  Conn-Selmer has two main plants: One in Elkhart, Indiana and one is Eastlake, Ohio.  They have even been featured on the show "How It's Made"!!  Most of their instruments are hand crafted from raw metals.  There is where the big issue with American manufacturing arises: American manufacturing does come at a higher cost.  With the increased cost of American living, labor unions, etc. manufacturing in America can be quite expensive (thus the reason most companies outsource).  The flip side is, these companies employ American workers, pay American taxes, and, overall, help keep our economy strong.

While many people are getting back to wanting to see "Made in The U.S.A." printed on the products they buy, most don't want to pay the higher price tag.  I will admit, it is sometimes staggering the difference in cost.  But, how much is it worth, to you, to have a quality (handmade) product with "Made in The U.S.A." printed on it?  How much is it worth to build the American economy, and help companies that employ American workers?  

The more people are willing to consider that, then the faster "Made in the U.S.A." will become common, once again.

Ellis- 5/8/2013

08 May 2013, 18:25
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